Britt Alexis

Minneapolis & St. Paul Birth Photographer, Doula and IBCLC

Britt Alexis

Minneapolis & St. Paul Birth Photographer, Doula and IBCLC

Lactation - IBCLC



I’ve always had this innate drive to continuously be learning and improving how I show up for myself and for others. My careers as a birth photographer and also birth assistant (Nurse) exposed my desire to understand and support the birthing family more fully. In addition to birth doula training, I am equipped with Gilligan’s Guide (method to optimize fetal positioning for birth). I’m also an IBCLC (international board certified lactation consultant) which gives me the experience and expertise to support you as you navigate feeding your baby.  

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Doula - Birth and Postpartum Support

I view your birth as sacred, deserving of autonomy and respect. My care as a doula will be validating, supportive, and informative. I “read the room” and people exceptionally well. I value vulnerability and honesty. I will help you to advocate for yourself and your family. I am a gentle, warm presence in the birth space. It is an honor to hold space for and witness your power.   

My Approach

• 1-2 Prenatal/Birth prep sessions
• Assistance with Birth Plan
• On-call 24/7 from time of booking to birth
• Unlimited phone and email support during contract
• Up to 2 hours postpartum 
• 10 photos from birth 
• Preview photos within 24-48 hours of birth
• 1 postpartum visit, including lactation/feeding support

• 1 Postpartum prep session/consultation
• Assistance with baby care, lactation/feeding, cooking, light cleaning, and education
• Small collection of postpartum/infant photos taken to document this unique phase of your life  
Hourly rate $50/hour; usually in 4 hour increments during daytime hours
• If booking 16+ hours, discounted rate

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Birth Doula Services

Postpartum Doula Services

Starting at $2,000

"Brittany is a wonderful birth Doula - she is warm, comforting, empathetic and caring. She connected with me throughout the pregnancy, took extra steps to build alternative scenarios into the plan (knowing that birth can be so unpredictable), and I knew that I could count on her and her team to be fully supported on the day of the birth. On the big day, her presence brought calmness and serenity to the room, and the way she partnered with me and my husband was seamless and so complementary - I felt assured and truly cared for the whole time. 

Brittany's caring personality, her wide knowledge and professional training around holistic mother and newborn experience as well as her knack for capturing sweet moments with families make her a unique and invaluable partner in birth, postpartum and family care continuum. Her wonderful support during birth, the lactation support post-birth as I was second-guessing myself, her ability to bond with all of my kids and create lovely photo collections for us over the years have all been such wonderful experiences for us. We are so grateful to Brittany and can't recommend her enough!!"


"Brittany is pure magic. She is everything calm, skilled, loving, and gentle- all that you’d want alongside you when bringing your baby into the world."


"Britt is a talented photographer who has a wealth of knowledge and experience around birth.  She is thoughtful, grounded and was the perfect addition to our birth team.  Britt's encouragement allowed me to face the hardest moments of my labor.  She effortlessly balanced holding space for us as our doula, while capturing the very real and raw moments of our daughter's birth.  We are forever grateful."


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