Britt Alexis

Minneapolis & St. Paul Birth Photographer, Doula and IBCLC

Britt Alexis

Minneapolis & St. Paul Birth Photographer, Doula and IBCLC

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My experience in lactation started in my role as a NICU nurse. My passion for lactation and supporting infant feeding grew exponentially during my breastfeeding journey with my first child. I’ve successfully breastfed my two children (still currently breastfeeding my youngest, a toddler). Each journey has been unique and added first-hand experience to my education and training as an IBCLC. I’ve been an IBCLC since 2019, working in the hospital setting as well as providing in-home lactation/infant feeding support. I’ve taken additional education to be competent in assessing oral/tongue restrictions and the impacts that has on feeding and beyond.

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IBCLC - Lactation Support Services

Lactation doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I am passionate about meeting you where you/your baby are at to support your unique goals. I love to teach and equip parents with the knowledge necessary to feel confident feeding their baby. I have additional expertise and training from my NICU nurse role, working alongside Occupational Therapists. Through this I am skilled in paced bottle feeding and implementing any additional bottling techniques to optimize the safety and quality of feeding for babies that bottle feed. I love providing in-home lactation/feeding support- it’s where you feel comfortable and where your physical and emotional supports are.

My Approach

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IBCLC Services

Initial Home Visit (120 minutes): $200

Virtual Visit: $150

In-Office Visit (Minneapolis): $150

Your “Breast (Chest) Friend” Package: $500

• Individualized, comprehensive class presented in person or virtually.

Follow Up Home Visit (60 minutes): $150

Follow Up: $125

Follow Up: $125

Lactation/Infant Feeding Class: $125

• 1 in-home visit
• 6 months available via text/call for all questions/concerns that come up 
• If additional home visits wanted by family, add on for $100 each
• Add on prenatal Lactation/Infant Feeding class $100

"Where do I even begin in this testimonial? I delivered my son back in January of 2022 and had zero idea what I was doing. So I reached out to the one and only Britt Geisen and went immediately from a stress level that was through the roof to something a lot more manageable. 

Without a single hesitation she sent me videos regarding nipple placement, tips to self express if my pump wasn’t working, foods to assist in lactation production, breast massages to increase production, sleeping tips, swaddle techniques. The list truly was endless. Even now with a 1 year old I reach out to Britt for assistance with my son and she helps me!! 

Her knowledge as not only a mom and a medical professional but as someone who doesn’t judge, is compassionate, understanding, and more than willing to help speaks volumes. 

I highly recommend Britt to anyone who is a new mom or a seasoned veteran."


"Brittany’s care and knowledge is what saved our breastfeeding journey. She has a passion for her job like no other, and it definitely shows. I can’t count how many times I utilized her to ask questions anytime I thought of one, especially in the very beginning. Her texts/videos are so so helpful. The convenience of her services are what make it even more worth it versus having to wait on the phone or physically go somewhere to get lactation help. She also spends so much time getting to know mom and baby and gives personalized advice."


"Very appreciative and grateful for Brittany’s assistance and encouragement on my breastfeeding/pumping journey. She came to my house when my son was only a few weeks old to help provide assistance with breastfeeding and pumping. She helped to ensure my son was latching appropriately, taught me how to read signs of hunger/fullness, and taught me how to offer a bottle in a way that replicated nursing. She continued to be of assistance for the months to come when I suffered through mastitis and a nursing strike. She provided tips on how to avoid mastitis again and how to rebuild my supply after significant decreases. Brittany’s willingness to come to my home and her prompt responses made her a valuable resource and I’m very thankful for her. Without her advice and encouragement I’m not sure we would still be on this journey 10+ months later! Thank you, Brittany!!"


"When my baby was born, I had a very low milk supply and a sleepy baby who wouldn’t latch easily. Being a first time mom and with those challenges in the beginning of my breastfeeding journey was hard and stressful. I reached out to Brittany and she was truly amazing. She came over to my house with a vast breastfeeding knowledge and made everything better. She was very responsive and knowledgeable each time I reached out. She also frequently checked in with me to ensure we were managing okay. Brittany is an amazing professional, but above all an amazing person. I will be forever thankful to all the support and help she gave to me and my baby. I would highly recommend her to anyone and would definitely ask her for help again!"


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